Last night, we played to a packed house at The Laughing Goat in Boulder. It was standing room only! Camren Von Davis our host/m.c. held us all together and the staff at the Goat was stellar at taking care of everyone’s needs. Ella rocked the door for us and Paul saved the day with sound tech help. As for The Goat itself, well friends, if you are looking for a cool place to hang out at night in Boulder, The Goat is definitely to be added to your list! Now that they serve beer and wine, it’s a whole-other vibe.

We heard and saw great sets from openers James Thorpe (joined by Paul Fowler) and Dechen Hawk. James played some of our old favorites, as well as some solid new tunes all in his unique blend of alt-folk/soul/rock. I am looking forward to hearing his debut album (in the works and being produced by Paul Fowler who also produced my CD Under the Apple). Dechen brought us his signature warm jazz soul and we could’ve listened to that crooning all night! He is also working on a CD project scheduled to launch in the spring and I can’t wait to hear it!

As for Heather Marie Philipp & The Boyfriend, well we just did our thing! After less than two months together, it’s amazing that seven different players can come together on that itty bitty (but wonderful) Goat stage and gel. We’re happy with how things are progressing and really looking forward to what’s to come. We played some tunes from Under the Apple, a couple of new ones, some standards, etc. Here’s the set list:

hmpboyfriend112108No Simple Child (new original)
To Remember You (from Under the Apple)
Love Blind (from Under the Apple)
Courting Stars (from Under the Apple)
Fly Me To The Moon (standard)
Lost and Found (brand new original)
Baby Mine (yes, from Dumbo :)
Freedom Hangs Like Heaven (Iron and Wine tune)

We had to cut the tune Under the Apple at the last minute for timing consideration, but we’ll get that one in next time. :) A big nod to the boys of The Boyfriend for really getting into this music and making these songs groove big-time: David Ortolano (drums), Jared Banta (bass), Ryan Spencer (trumpet), Andrew McNew (trombone), Phil Norman (cello), and Aaron McCloskey (guitar). You guys are stellar! Photo by Marvin Ross.

All in all, it was a really fun night and I’m so thankful to everyone who came out to see us and make the night such a musical blast!